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You’re smart and resourceful. You have the ambition to take your business to the top of YOUR industry. But in a competitive and unpredictable marketplace, you face challenges even the brightest businesses can’t solve. That’s why we’ve created tools, business management services, business workshops, cannabis business consulting and coaching programs that have the power to revitalize your business and restore optimism, confidence and certainty in your plans for success in the 420 industry or the industry of your choice.

cannabis business management

View our Services to get a feel for the wide variety of tools we offer in which we can help your business succeed. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses throughout California, Oregon and Washington, survive, thrive and maximize in highly targeted niche & cannabis markets, and we are dedicated to your greater success.

Our business management services can take you from planning to opening doors and even manage the day-to-day operations of your business. From corporate compliance, employee management, landlord education, accounting, taxes, banking, seed-to-sale software management let our team of experts work for you.

You can focus on other things, and maybe start another business.  Let F.T.G. Management Group run your business for you.

Call us today for a free initial consultation and learn how F.T.G. Management Group can help you maximize your business potential.



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