Cannabis is legal in California, but people must understand that under the federal law it is still illegal.  What this basically means is that if you are caught buying or selling cannabis without the necessary permits and licenses, you can face imprisonment and fines.  In order to start a cannabis business legally, there are steps that you must follow.  You must obtain licenses and permits and be up to date with the current laws and legislation on cannabis.  You must also be knowledgeable about how the industry works, what the future holds and how to do a legal weed business.  If you want to get involved in the cannabis cultivation industry, you must know how to grow cannabis professionally and take care of the plants from the time they are germinated to the time they are harvested.

To learn everything that is there about the cannabis industry, you can get enrolled in a California college for cannabis.  Anybody who is interested in learning about cannabis can take up courses at the California college for cannabis.  Even if you are a patient, you can greatly benefit from these courses.  For those who are looking to set up a cannabis business will find that these courses offer up to date information about the industry and how they can be successful.