Looking to obtain cannabis dispensary permits and start your own legal cannabis business?  The process is not as easy as it may appear on the surface so it is important that you know everything about the industry and its challenges before you get started. Cannabis dispensary permits

Before you apply for cannabis dispensary permits, you maCannabis dispensary permitsy want to consider some very important things.  First of all, you must acknowledge that there are huge risks associated with setting up a cannabis business.  Although cannabis may be legalized by many states, including yours, it is still illegal federally.  So the risks that come with starting a cannabis dispensary business may be beyond your imagination.  You can also risk getting your dispensary shut down if you fail to comply with any of the laws or regulatory requirements.

The costs associated with transportation of medical cannabis, security and storage are very high.  So unless you have few millions of dollars with you, you should not even think about starting a dispensary business.  To become a legal and valid medical cannabis dispenser, you must be able to file all the paperwork and submit the relevant documents.  And even if you have a license to sell cannabis, you cannot sell it openly or to anyone you want.  Sales of cannabis can only be made to patients having valid patient cards.


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