FTG Management, Inc.,

a well diversified, vertically integrated cannabis company




We at FTG Management have been busy working with local jurisdictions to help our clients start their own cannabis businesses.  

In the process, we now have 4 Dispensaries with Delivery, 1 Distribution, Cultivation and 1 Manufacturing projects funded and in various stages of development.

Our retail and wholesale CBD businesses in Fresno and Los Angeles are growing very rapidly.  

Here’s what we have going on:

  • Dispensary in Fresno, Ca 
  • Micro-business in Firebaugh, Ca
    • Dispensary w/delivery
    • Type 6 Manufacturing Operation
    • Distribution Operation
    • Cultivation permits available near by
  • 2 Social Equity Dispensaries in Los Angeles
  • CBD retail & wholesale distribution in Fresno & Los Angeles 
  • CBD &THC & Hemp Brand Development & Distribution 
  • Cannabis CBD & THC expos & events in California & beyond

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If you feel like you have what it takes and want to join the new (old) up and coming vertically integrated cannabis operation in California, this is your chance

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