The California state along with some other states have made pot legal for only medical purposes. This means that entrepreneurs and companies can now start their own cultivation centers and pot dispensaries. California Pot UniversityBut there is a problem, which is that not every person that is interested in starting a pot business will be able to set up due to the stringent legal requirements. In California, only a restricted number of dispensaries and cultivation centers can be established. Also, the competition is very hard, but it is possible to enhance the chances of being chosen by becoming certified. Primarily, the more a person knows about the industry, the better the chances available for the person to getting selected.

California Pot University Furthermore, a California pot university provides a wide range of courses from basic to advanced that interested participants can take up and learn about the medical pot industry. The courses have been designed to provide great insight into important things about the industry. Interested individuals can learn how to start a dispensary business, relevant skills needed to be a bud-tender, pot dispensary management or delivery service amongst others. The programs offered at a California pot university are very easy to understand and these courses can be taken up online for those who will not have time for live courses.