Whether you are getting in the industry as a Social Equity business owner or you’re an investor, work with us to help you with management for your cannabis business.  

You’re smart and talented.  You’ve got  the ambition to want your cannabis business to the very best of the business. but throughout a competitive and unpredictable marketplace, you face challenges even the brightest businesses can’t solve. 

That is why we’ve created tools for cannabis businesses, delivery services, dispensaries, cultivation operations that have the ability to revitalize your cannabis business and restore optimism, confidence and certainty in your plans for fulfillment at intervals the cannabis business.

Our cannabis business management services can take you from planning to opening doors and even manage the daily operations of your cannabis business.

From handling the government to company compliance, worker coaching and management , landowner education, accounting, taxes, banking, seed to-sale software system management let our team of consultants work for you.

You can specialize in different things, and maybe start another business. Let FTG Management run your cannabis business for you.

We will assist you maximize your business potential and a good come on investment.

We’ve helped cannabis businesses throughout California and we will put in our years of expertise as well as our network to work for you.

Our complete turnkey business management services give you the piece of mind knowing that all of your business is being handled properly and compliant.  If you want to be hands on, great!  We will develop a specific business management plan for you.   

We can provide the following business services necessary for maintaining compliance and business operations for businesses such as:

Operate your business while training you in business management and operations.  DAY-TO-DAY business operations duties will include the following services:

  • Securing location
  • Marketing, Branding & Advertising 
  • Cash Flow management
  • Business bookkeeping
  • Inventory control
  • Human Resources
    • Payroll
    • Employee training and management
    • Security system
    • Site design
  • Complete business management