Did you know that the marijuana industry is getting more and more competitive by the day?  The competition for getting into the industry is tough and so is the licensing procedure.  To obtain a dispensary business permits in your state, you will have to overcome a number of hurdles.  Actually, the requirements you have to meet depends on the state in which you want to operate.  Different states have different requirements and somewhat different regulations that must be met prior to getting started in the industry. 

 It is not easy to obtain dispensary business permits and there are few very important reasons for this.  First of all, the industry is heavily regulated and it allows only a limited number of dispensary businesses can get started.  Secondly, the costs associated with starting a marijuana business is extremely high.  The application fee as well as the start-up costs can be too much for an ordinary person to even consider setting up a business in this industry.  Lastly, the rules and regulations are stringent and since marijuana is considered illegal federally, the chances of getting into legal trouble is extremely high.  So before you even think about owning a marijuana business, you must consider the barriers that can prevent you from fulfilling your dreams.