When setting up a legal cannabis business in California, many of the barriers that candidates face is at the local level.  It is not easy to obtain California cannabis business permits due to the restrictions and legal requirements that have been put in place.   One of the first things that candidates have to do is choose a type of license they want to acquire. California cannabis business permits Next, they have to make sure that have gathered all the documents that they will have to submit along with their application.

To secure California cannabis business permits, one of the first requirements that you have to meet is obtaining a permit from your county or city.  In addition, you will need to submit a copy of the lease agreement or property title.  California cannabis business permitsFurthermore, you will have to obtain business formation documents so that authorities can verify your water sources and ensure that you meet the environmental requirements.

Other things that you will have to obtain include a permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, seller’s permit from the Department of Tax and Fee Administration, surety bond, etc.  If you are planning to employ more than 20 people, you will also have to obtain a Labor peace agreement.