One of the common questions that individuals who are looking to start a cannabis business ask is “how long does it take to obtain a cannabis dispensary license?cannabis dispensary license

While it is a valid question and one that is worth giving consideration to, there is no definite answer to how long the process actually takes.   From the time you make an application to the time you start running your business, it may take about a year or two years.  cannabis dispensary licenseDepending on the state you live in, the requirements for submitting an application and setting up a business may differ.  The licensing procedure and the time it takes to grant a permit depends on the authorities that oversee the process.   each and every application will be scrutinized and assessed.  Background checks will also be conducted on the potential winners which means that it may take about 6 months to 1 year before you obtain your license.  Also remember that before you get a state license, you will have to submit an application for a local license.  If you fail to impress the authorities at the local level, you won’t stand any chance at getting the state license.  To set up your own business, you will need both the local and the state license which may take a considerable length of time to acquire.