Since the legalization of cannabis in California, the state has enacted numerous laws to regulate cultivation, possession, distribution and use of the substance.   As long as activities related to cannabis adhere to the guidelines that have been set out, cannabis is very much legal in the state.   But in order to start a dispensary business or any other kind of business, it is crucial to obtain California cannabis business permitsalifornia cannabis business permits alifornia cannabis business permits

There are specific steps that you must follow to be able to be able to set up your own business.  You must ensure that whatever you do is in accordance with the laws of the state.   One of the first steps that you must take in order to secure California cannabis business permits is classifying that your business will be operating as a non-profit organization.  Another thing that you must do is follow the protocols that any new business owner is required to follow.  These protocols usually apply at both the local and state levels.  Lastly, you must form solid relationships with the local and state governments as well as the law enforcement bodies.    If you don’t abide by the laws, you will put yourself at a risk of paying hefty fines for non-compliance and even prosecution.