CBD Oil For Dog Arthritis : Give Your Old Dog The Best Quality Of His Remaining Life 

What Is Arthritis In Dogs?

Arthritis (or Osteoarthritis and is also called as Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD) in dogs are common in older to senior dogs which creates pain and swelling in the joint areas as well as the lower spine. The usual causes of arthritis in older dogs can come from several causes; it can be inherited from the genes, result of accidents or being injured and at times, repetitive stress. It can also be caused by poor immunity or mistakes in breeding like inbreeding where animals are mated from closest or close blood relatives spanning through generations.

It Is In The Breeds “Inbreeding”

Take for example the German Shepherd dog; popular, majestic, working and highly intelligent dog breed that has a semi-coarse black and tan coat with a curved, bushy tail curving downwards, with alert and erect ears, and muscular body. These specific physical attributes were achieved by inbreeding by the early breeders of the German Shepherd. Although the expected physical attributes were met, unfortunately, the German Shepherd had developed the high tendency to have arthritis which was the negative result of the inbreeding process.

Arthritis: The Effects To The Old Dogs Body 

Arthritis is a very, very painful illness that results from the grinding of bone to bone especially in the joints as the protective cartilage; the cushion in between the bones deteriorate, wear out and waste away. It can start with a limp or uneven walking. As the pain increases, the dog may prefer to lie down most of the time to ease pain resulting in lethargy, decreased muscle mass in the limbs and spine. It can also be hard to them to defecate or urinate because getting into the posture for doing that is painful.

A veterinarian will do the usual physical examinations but focusing on the joints of the dog to see how far the range of motion for each of the joints and prescribe for x-rays. But it may come to a surprise to pet owners when a veterinarian will prescribe CBD oil for dog arthritis.

CBD Oil For Dog Arthritis 

Though DJD is sad to say, a progressive disease and most veterinarians will suggest to opt for pain management and palliative care using the usual treatments like supplements for the joints, vitamins for bones and pain killers like NSAIDSs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), unfortunately, most of these have significant side effects for dog arthritis, especially with prolonged use.

Several studies have found hope for these ailing canines. Cannabidol (CBD, also called cannabis or hemp) is the chemical extracted from the Cannabis sativa plant can be a saving grace for the ‘old chaps’. Let us make it clear that CBD is not a cure for DJD, but it effectively and efficiently takes away the pain – and without side effects even with continued use so CBD Oil for dog arthritis can be a better alternative. Without the pain, the dog may gain more interest to play and do its normal activities, resulting in a better quality of life in its last years.

Apart from this, CBD is quick to ease pain. From administering, along with a diet of light food to effectively activate it, it only takes a minimum of half hour to 45 minutes for the CBD to take effect. The most effective the CBD is to administer around 2mg per kilogram twice a day will definitely make a difference in the senior canines.

The wondrous effect of CBD Oil for dog arthritis is really something to consider for the loving furparents.