Sale of marijuana is not permitted in the country and individuals who are found in possession of marijuana are likely to be convicted.  But recently, many states have passed bills which will allow legalization of marijuana for medicinal use.  This means that only individuals who have proper patient identification cards can make use of marijuana but only in amounts which is set by law. 

For individuals who are looking to sell marijuana lawfully, it is important that they obtain medical marijuana business permits.  Different states have different medical marijuana laws and if you are looking to obtain medical marijuana business permits, then it is important to check with your state officials as to what laws apply.  Marijuana courses are available for anyone who wants to learn the basics of starting and running a marijuana business legally and successfully.

Before a medical marijuana business permit is granted, individuals will need to make applications and submit written documentations regarding their ability to finance their dispensaries and the ability to obtain resources and premises to set up the dispensary.  In addition, written documentation must be provided to prove that the business premise is reasonably located and that the organisation has a licensed doctor as its medical director.  A list of current staff and proposed staff must also be provided together with a site plan, detailed floor plan, location map and an inventory control plan.  You can find detailed information about what is required when you get enrolled in marijuana courses.