Marijuana Rules in Illinois

A total of 23 states have allowed the use of marijuana for medical reasons. There is a list of diseases and conditions for which patients may be able to use marijuana without getting into legal problems. But the use of marijuana in Illinois depends on the qualifying condition and whether or not the patient has acquired permits to legally purchase marijuana.

Marijuana rules in Illinois are quite strict and these have been enforced to protect patients, dispensaries and cultivation centers. Marijuana rules in Illinois state that patients must have a valid patient card to be able to buy marijuana legally. provided that they have a card, they can buy marijuana from licensed dispensaries. Dispensaries and delivery services who have been established to help patients get access to marijuana must also have all the necessary licenses and permits. They must sell marijuana to patients only and they must acquire marijuana from licensed cultivation centers only. It is still illegal to buy or sell marijuana on the streets even if you have proper licenses and permits. Anyone who is found in violation of marijuana rules and regulations can face penalties, fines and imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential to comply with the rules when it comes to dealing with marijuana.Marijuana Rules in IllinoisMarijuana Rules in Illinois