Marijuana is a very common plant in the world. In many countries, marijuana consumption is considered illegal and has led to imprisonment and death for many people. But according to history and religions, Marijuana has many uses that can be beneficial to people when used properly. A good example is how King Solomon mentions it in the Bible and how records show that Marijuana was used as a pain killer as long as 2900B.C.  due to this information, medical practitioners have studied the plant to figure out how it might be a useful help in treating some medical conditions. The research showed that the component that had the most health benefits as CBD hemp. Cannabis could be extracted from the Marijuana plant and developed into sprays and oils, making it more efficient to the body and easy to use. Some of the results from the research include;

Treat Substance Abuse

The irony is that Marijuana is considered a drug, but it also helps treat people suffering from substance abuse. When CBD oil is used among people suffering from opioid addiction, it could be their saving grace to help them deal with the side effects of quitting drugs. Some of its advantages include helping to reduce the cue-induced cravings that develop as a result of quitting. It also deals with resting heart and salivary cortisol and other withdrawal symptoms, meaning people will have a better chance of survival.

Treat Mental Conditions

There are so many mental conditions that people might suffer from in the world. CBD hemp has been tested and proven to be beneficial to people suffering from different mental conditions. Psychiatrists have identified that two of the mental conditions that show positive results after CBD consumption are Anxiety and Depression. The two conditions have different effects on the patients and need different treatment, but Cannabis has the ability to be used to treat the two of them or reduce the side effect that happens to the patient. When used among patients suffering from Anxiety, CBD helps calm them down by reversing the symptoms and reducing their heart rate. But when CBD oil is used to treat patients suffering from depression, it impacts the production of hormones in mind. The mind produces hormones that help people feel different feelings, such as love and joy, but in this situation, the hormone that is produced is the serotonin hormone. The hormone helps to give people joy and the feeling of satisfaction, which is the problem people suffering from depression have to deal with frequently.

Help Treat Cancer

Cancer is one of the most feared medical conditions for people. There are many types of cancer that people might suffer from. If there are cells involved in that part of the body, it might suffer from cancer. Some medical procedures have been developed to help treat the condition. CBD oil can help people going through cancer treatment to either deal with the symptoms of the condition or to help them undergo treatment safely. Some of the advantages of Cannabis consumption among cancer patients include dealing with the pain caused by cancer and cancer treatment, helping improve their appetite and reducing the frequency and intensity of nausea and vomiting.