How to start a marijuana business

marijuana business managementMarijuana businesses face many challenges today no matter where they are located.  F.T.G. Management Group helps to avoid potential pitfalls with proper cannabis business formation and business operation.


The California Attorney General has stated:

Seal of CaliforniaUnder California law, medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers may “associate within the State of California in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes.” (§ 11362.775.)

“It is the opinion of this Office that a properly organized and operated collective or cooperative that dispenses medical marijuana through a storefront may be lawful under California law, but that dispensaries that do not substantially comply with the guidelines set forth in sections , are likely operating outside the protections of Proposition 215 and the Medical Marijuana Program (SB 420), and that the individuals operating such entities may be subject to arrest and criminal prosecution under California law.”


It is imperative for the current cannabis business persons to know and understand the dynamics that go behind the proper and operation that the California Attorney General is speaking of.